"The application for the Marine Environment Plus, Erasmus Mundus Master Degree will be March 15th. No new Mundus Student Scholarship application will be considered after this date. However, application for Self-Funded Students are still welcome until mid June. Please note that the number of positions is limited and may be covered by the earliest applicants."


“MER experience include immersing oneself to transboundary culture and societies,… Read more «Rick Leong»

Rick Leong
International delegate of a School (Singapoure)

“Changing university and country every 6 months was challenging, and… Read more «Tifanie Briaudeau»

Tifanie Briaudeau
PhD student at PiE-UPV/EHU (France)

My name is Tamer Hafez, I am from Egypt and… Read more «Tamer Hafez»

Tamer Hafez
2013-2015 master cohort (Egypt)

“Thanks to the individual expertise from each university in the… Read more «Teba Gil Diaz»

Teba Gil Diaz
PhD. Student: "Rradionuclide dispersion scenarios in aquatic environments"